About Josh Jones

Josh Jones is an innovative leader of disruptive technology companies and committed Christian dedicated to bringing Alabama to first-in-the-nation status in educational opportunities, economic growth, transparent and limited government, protection of the unborn, and religious freedom.

A life-long Alabamian, Josh grew up on a small farm in rural Jackson Alabama, where he learned the value of hard work, integrity, and community. After achieving his goal of becoming a first-generation college graduate at The University of Mobile, Josh entered the business world where his leadership skills quickly became evident.

Quickly rising through the ranks, Josh soon saw great success in the realm of technology. He established himself as a coalition builder with a knack for finding the right talent for the right role. This gift has fueled the ability of his teams of bio-medical engineers to provide innovative medical device services to hospitals across Alabama. The technologies that Josh and his team produce are years ahead of their time and are instrumental in saving lives!

All who encounter Josh as a businessman immediately recognize his commitment to excellence. It is this passion combined with genuine servant-leadership that has distinguished him throughout his career and inspired others to follow. Running for Governor is not a life long dream for Josh, but he has been a life long Republican.

Josh Jones is NOT a politician. He's an innovator, a leader, and an unafraid conservative. The opposite of everything we have come to associate with the insider-culture of Montgomery, Josh is the candidate for those who are sick and tired of the status quo.

Alabama needs a strong leader who understands the needs of our businesses and has a vision to bring a culture change to Montgomery. With a background as an innovative disruptor and business leader, Josh will make Alabama a national leader in job creation. He also has the faith and sincere conviction needed to build on the momentum from the 2016 election.

Josh and his wife Jennifer have four children, Knox, Harris, Olivia, and Whit. Together, they seek to model Christ in their home and instill the value of hard work in their children. They currently reside in Birmingham, Alabama where they are active members of Briarwood Church and enjoy participating in various community sports and events.