Innovative Solutions. Bold Leadership. Authentic Conservatism.

Josh Jones is NOT a politician. He is a principled leader who has spent his career as a business entrepreneur and innovator. Bound by sincere conservative convictions, a strong personal faith, and a commitment to serving the people of Alabama, Josh refuses to allow political correctness, the demands of insiders, or fidelity to the status quo to thwart the interests of ‘We the People.’ For us, Josh will provide innovative solutions, bold leadership, and authentic conservative on this issues of:

Jobs- A proven job creator, Josh is the businessman we need to lead our state. Alabama has suffered from the status-quo established by Montgomery insiders. Career politicians have stymied our economy which has sputtered to being ranked a pathetic #45 and #44 for business by Forbes in 2015 and 2016.

It is time to create a culture of innovation and encouragement of business throughout our state - a culture that will only come from the leadership of a businessman. Josh will build a coalition of business leaders to generate the best ideas for our state, embrace the role of Recruiter in Chief for new businesses, and cut the red tape that discourages economic growth.

Right to Life- Josh Jones believes that life is a gift from God from the moment of conception until He calls us home in natural death. This is not a platitude for Josh. It is a sincere conviction that will lead to action. As Governor, Josh will set about the mission of saving babies from Day 1, and Alabama will lead the nation in real, pro-life legislation. Moreover, he will oppose the liberal agenda promoting assisted suicide. It is time that Alabama lead the way in re-establishing a culture that values all human life.

Education- Stagnation has plagued our school system, and Josh is committed to providing the leadership we need. He will reward excellent teachers and administrators, promote parent-led and child-centered education, and provide the leadership needed to make Alabama the best state for producing job-ready young adults.

A natural coalition-builder, Josh will bring business leaders and educators together to make certain that Alabama is the best state for teachers, the best state for school choice, and the state that attracts businesses eager for a ready and educated workforce. He will place a priority on boosting our trade school and community college programs that allow students to receive an education without accumulating significant debt, involving business people in education, and opposing the overreaching and unnecessary influences and controls of the Federal Government.