A Statesman's Promise

Alabama doesn’t need another politician as governor. We need a statesman. Josh Jones is committed to the idea of statesmanship, and he makes the following promises to the people of Alabama:

  1. Transparency and Accountability will be foundational values in the Jones Administration- No longer will the people of Alabama tolerate a governor guided by backroom deals, self-preservation, and secrecy. The Jones Administration will mark a new era for transparency and accountability in Alabama government.
  2. Josh Jones will never misuse your tax dollars or use his office for self-enrichment- Josh isn’t running for governor to enjoy the trappings of office. He will devote all of his energy to serving the people of Alabama, and he will never abuse the people’s trust
  3. Principles will be acted upon, not just talked about. Josh is unashamedly pro-life, a strong advocate of religious liberty, and a constitutional conservative. These aren’t simply platitudes you will hear about on the campaign trail or in a stump speech. From Day 1, these will be priorities in his Administration.
  4. The status quo will be rejected. Traditional power players will not have a seat at the table simply because their money has bought influence in the past. Montgomery needs to be cleaned up, and we need to fix our state top to bottom, inside and out. Josh is going to Montgomery to drain the swamp and reform our state, not become part of the problem.
  5. Big ideas will be welcome and broad coalitions will be built. One of Josh’s greatest joys professionally has always been bringing people together and building talented teams united by a common purpose. As Governor, Josh will welcome new ideas and put together coalitions capable of bringing our state to first-in-the-nation status for job growth, education opportunities, and strong families.
  6. Josh Jones will utilize all of his life experience and talent to make Alabama a better place- Josh brings a unique set of experiences and talents to the job, and he will fully employ his gifts of entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation- even if non-traditional- to serve the people of Alabama.
  7. Being governor will never be where Josh finds his identity- Following Jesus Christ with all his heart, mind, strength and soul and being the best husband and father he can possibly be will always be where Josh finds his identity. Without this commitment, no leader can stay truly grounded or faithful to his calling.

- Josh Jones -